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What makes the game content even richer? Well, the mods, of course! If you are a little bit bored with the basic feature of Bed Wars, you must be looking for something really special. And we have that for you! On this page, you will find a pack of impressive game mods that add great features to your game and make it more interesting. The mods are all free and available for an online version of the game. By the way, as you may already know, the game is also present on our resource – all parts of Bed Wars can be easily found in this section! Now let’s move to the mods.
What do we have here? First of all, you should consider using a Lucky Box mod. Here you will get access to numerous secret features hidden in the blocks with a question mark. They are all at your service, but be careful. While some of them include maps, weapons, and prizes, the others might have something nasty and harmful inside! Also, we have various generators that will help you create more items and as such – become stronger and improve the defense of your base. Doing so, you will decrease the risk that the enemies will break your precious bed and win the match. These generators produce endless amount of resources, namely iron, gold, silver, diamond, and emerald. The amazing precious metals and stones will serve as trading items and you will buy numerous cool features with their help. From weapons to equipment for defense and trap making, you can enjoy everything in one mod! Own all the resources and you won’t have to spend time gathering them – devote your efforts to defending and fighting with your rivals.
We bet that you will agree that when you access to tons of gold and other valuable resources that act like in-game money, you are a real king of the battlefield. The more gold you own, the better weapons and armory you receive from traders. These guys are really fond of shiny things, so when you have enough to offer, they will eagerly provide you with the best items they have. Build a thick and high fencing around your bed and this will prevent the enemies from getting inside and breaking it. As you remember, the main aim in the game is to keep your bed safe and avoid losing it. The bed is more precious than the gold, so use it wisely to improve the defensive constructions!


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