Minecraft Bed Wars

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The epic Bad Wars start! This is a small game based on the server of Minecraft and it includes PvP mode, where you can fight against other players. The game is pretty unique and interesting, but at the same time – simple and engaging. If you want to play it, there is no need to a professional and experienced Minecraft shark, because the main skills you will need to win the battles are attentiveness and fast reaction. The game Bed Wars has its own currency that helps you develop your base and gain new opportunities/features. You will have to get creative if you want some resources! The habitual fountains with gold, silver, and bronze are always somewhere near, ready to share valuable metals with you and let you become better and stronger.
The game is perfect when you play it in a company. The truth is that Bed Wars is absolutely not suitable for single players – you will hardly stay in the game for too long, being alone. Each team has its own base with a bed and the members must share resources, skills, and apply collective efforts to reach the aim – keeping your sleeping place safe. If the opponents move too close, break your defense, and ruin the bed, you will lose the game. Vice versa, you will have to move to the enemies’ bases and try to break their beds into pieces, while the other part of your command should stay on the native base. The game includes both – defending and attacking, so make sure that you divide the resources and human capacities perfectly. Keep things in a balance and mind both necessities!
On the bases, traders that are looking for some bronze (the simplest resource in the game), steel, and gold. You can easily get enough bronze at your own base – there is a resource of it located nearby. The steel spawn is located not far from a base. The gold will be found in the middle map, which means that you and your comrades will have to make your way there to get some. This might be dangerous – other players are also seeking for some gold and the battles will definitely take place on your way. However, no matter how shiny and amazing the gold might be, your main treasure is the bed. Make sure to protect your bed at all costs. You can build a wall around it and even place some traps on the perimeter to keep the enemies away from your place. The traders will offer some great items, like weapons, potions, blocks, and armor. Make sure to break the bed of your opponents’ and keep yours safe no matter what!


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