Bed Wars 2

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Here comes the second part of Bed Wars, a really impressive and thrilling PvP! The game is especially popular among the fans of Blockman Go and Minecraft, since they are interconnected and share similar atmosphere. There are two major tasks you will have to deal with in the game. First, make sure to defend your bed from the rivals – they will try to break your base and ruin it, which will make you lose the game. The one who loses the bed cannot respawn anymore, which means that the sad end is obvious. Second, you have to gather resources that will help you break the base of your rivals. You need to get some metals and exchange them for various valuable things for fighting and defense. When you have a nice arsenal, you will easily make your way to the enemies’ base and ruin their bed.
The rules of the game are following. There are sixteen players in general and they are going to be divided into four teams, four players in each. Each team gets the island. There is bed located on every island and you, as well as your opponents, will have to defend it from the outside attacks of each other. You can respawn only when your bed is unharmed, but in case it gets broken – you are doomed to lose the game. On your island, you will produce numerous precious metals and stones. Use them to build equipment and useful items from the traders. The equipment and blocks you purchase can be used to get to the central part of the island and get access to gold. This way, you will have resource to strengthen your base and keep it safe for long. Build a bridge that leads to your enemy’s island and kill them all! Break their bed and they will have no chance for a revenge. The team that manages to survive will become winners.
The game will entertain everyone who likes PvP battles and defense games. Bed Wars feature numerous activities, including resource gathering, battles, and more. Make sure to keep an eye on both activities of your team – defending the base and attacking your enemies. As you have already guessed, the team that breaks the beds and saves its own bed will win the game, while all the rest will lose. The game has only one winner, which means that a single command will stay on the field. Enter the game right now and enjoy it for free on our website – we have a full and unblocked version available on this page. You are welcome to launch it from any of your devices connected to the Internet. Have fun and keep your bed safe!


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