Bed Wars

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Do you like Minecraft? Well, we bet you do! Then how about playing a brand new and fresh game inspired by this blocky universe of fun? The game Bed Wars is a really entertaining adventure, where players have to compete in teams against one another. Each team consists of four players and there are four teams on the map. To play the game, you will have to unite with players from the server or call your buddies to create a command, because you cannot play it alone – the representatives of other teams will easily break your base this way!
What is the main aim of Bed Wars? Keeping your bed safe and untouched! Each team owns an island, where their bases will be created and developed. In the center of every base there is a bed, a sacred place and a holy artifact. You need to take care of its safety and make sure that the enemies won’t reach it easily. Not only you will have to fight them with your swords and other weapons face to face, but also you should create solid walls around the bed. Use various materials and resources to create a wall around the bed and keep your enemies far from it. Also, you can locate witty obstacles and traps all around to make sure that they will never reach and break your bed! To do this, communicate with the traders that will come to your base. They will eagerly take your bronze, silver, and gold in exchange of various cool items, such as weapons, defense, and different useful objects. As you have already guessed, to make a deal with a trader, you will have to retreat some resources first. The bronze is easy to get – you will find it near your base. The silver is usually a bit further, than the bronze. While the most precious and expensive metal, the gold, is located in the middle of the map. Get ready for a furious battle for gold with your rivals!
Not only you defend your bed and gather various resources to make your base stronger. Also, you will have to get to the base of your rivals and try to defeat them. Sneak into the island of your rivals to break the bed! When you do that, your enemies will have no opportunity to respawn in their tower and therefore – they will lose. The victory will belong to the team that manages to ruin the bed of the opposing team. Then you will have to kill all of your enemies and enjoy! The game is funny and entertaining, so if you like playing PvPs with your friends, you will find it really interesting and spend hours at your monitors. The Bed Wars can be held on different maps, but you will have to unlock some mods and plugins to change the basic environment. Have fun!

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