Blockman GO Bedwars

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The Blockman Go universe is welcoming you in the new world! This is an incredible installation called Bed Wars. As you may know from the basic game of the franchise, it is a battle royale game with the style and graphics that remind Minecraft series, the most popular resource mining title of the century. The games from the series are known for being rich for numerous opportunities, small games, and cool features. Bed Wars is not an exclusion. You will take part in new adventures that are waiting for you and your comrades in every new match. There are different maps to discover, but not all of them are available from the start – you will have to try hard to get access to them! Or else – get some mods and plugins to receive brand new maps and enrich your playing experience in the universe of Blockman Go and Bed Wars.
The main of the game Bed Wars is to stay alive as a team. Something that makes you strong and able to respawn is the sacred artifact located in the middle of your base – the bed. This means that whatever happens, you need to defend your bed from the enemies and keep it safe no matter what. If the enemies will manage to reach your bed and break it into pieces, you will lose the main ability – respawning. As such, you will have no chance to come back to the game after they kill you. And you will lose the game! However, you can do the same to your rivals and make your way through the map to reach their island and break their beds into pieces. In general, three teams will oppose you, each team includes four players. Make sure to deal with them all faster and more efficiently than they do! Have fun!
The game allows you to get resources of different kinds and value. The less expensive resources like bronze are easy to get and you don’t really have to do anything for them. In fact, the resource of bronze is located inside of your base, so you just have to stretch your hand and take it. If you want something more valuable, like silver, jewelry, or even gold, you will have to leave your base and search for the resources. The golden mines are usually created in the center of each map. When you leave the base to get metals, make sure that at least a half of your team stays on the base – in case your rivals will come to ruin your bed, there is need to fight them. The metals you get will open the trading opportunity. Exchange them and receive cool items that will help you defend your base, fight the enemies, and improve the equipment. You can cover your bed with defensive constructions and mechanisms, so that your opponents won’t have a chance to get there that easily.

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